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Life in Colors
21 November 2017

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My Quilted Pillow Case
4 January 2013

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Chicken House/Coop
13 May 2012

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Fall Boots
17 September 2011

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11 September 2011

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A Rose for all..
21 May 2011

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23 April 2011

Thumbnail image

Sweet Smelling....
24 January 2010

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22 January 2010

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Corporate World
31 January 2008

Recent Comments

omid on Life in Colors
Amazing shot!

☺ ► ƸɼiϾ ◄ ☼ on My Owl-like Chicken
ha ha, very nice with his short neck !!! does he turn the head at 270° ?? ;-) see you soon

eligreg on My Owl-like Chicken
muy chula!

Suri on Please Remember Me...
Thank you... :)

Linda on Please Remember Me...
a very beautiful, atmospheric photo, wonderful composition, lovely scene and i love the misty look

Suri on Little Birdie in a snow ...
Thank you...

Suri on Seagulls on Conference...
Thank you...

Linda on Little Birdie in a snow ...
a wonderful capture, the lonely bird adn the snowy background

Linda on Seagulls on Conference...
very beautiful, both the waves and the seagulls flying and creating patterns in the air

Suri on My Guardian Angel
Yes.. but she's gone now... Disappeared... it's been 2 years now.. I missed her though.. she's a good ...

blistr on Walk in my shoes ...
I was initially attracted to your photo. It appears so simple and peaceful. But your words create a vivid backstory to ...

blistr on Frustration
Awesome photo. The title is right on for me.

blistr on Feasting "Koi"
Great capture. The colours are amazing.

blistr on Mixer/Beater
Creative composition.

blistr on My Guardian Angel
She probably feels the same about you.

Sri on Peace and Beauty ...
beautiful shot. lovely composition.

Judy on Wonderful Day!!
What a beautiful blue ........... GREAT shot!

Suri on Get Caught!!
Thank you..

Mary Stebbins Taitt on Get Caught!!
Nice capture! Cool and cute! :-D

Mary Stebbins Taitt on Purple
Pretty pretty pretty!

Man With 101 Names on Care for a chip
very nice and tasty shot !

Suri on Care for a chip
Thank you for pointing that out, I was in a hurry when I uploaded the picture. I've re-crop it. I do appreciate ...

Graham Russon on Care for a chip
Great shot, the color texture and detail spot on. Personally I would have cropped out the white bit at the bottom.

Silvia on Heavenly Steps
tolles Foto!

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